We all know the folks from Google have pretty big plans for their upcoming I/O developer event in May, but what exactly will we be seeing is still anyone's guess. We've heard and reported countless rumors but today another has appeared that takes the cake. Apparently Google will be dropping a new LG Nexus 4 (not a 5) with 32GB of storage and full support for 4G LTE. It will run Android Key Lime Pie and be revealed at Google I/O.

Now we're going to take this rumor with a pretty big grain of salt for now, but it actually sounds quite plausible. The reason being we aren't so sure Google is already prepared to release another actual hardware device completely redesigned. The Nexus 4 came out in October, and the Galaxy Nexus before it had a similar time-frame and eventually hit Verizon in December of 2011.

We've reported rumors about an LG Nexus 5, dreamed about an HTC Nexus 5, and of course the Motorola X-Phone. Multiple reports claim that Motorola's X-Phone has been delayed and will be a no-show at Google I/O, so this makes perfect sense to be honest.

Then there's also the confirmation that Google's current LG Nexus 4 and the Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor under the hood already has dormant and disabled 4G LTE radios. It's been hacked to work in Canada and a few select AT&T users. Maybe Google's been working with the carriers to enable this in the next iteration of Android, and hopefully, just hopefully a CDMA version will also hit the streets. The rumor suggests a 32GB LG Nexus 4 will arrive for Verizon with 4G LTE, and of course be running the latest version of Android.

So could Google be preparing a 32GB 4G LTE Nexus 4 for Google I/O, then update the current devices to support AT&T and T-Mobile's LTE networks? Sounds like a pretty good plan to us, even if we do want new hardware. What do you guys think?

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  • Whatever the next Nexus 4 (or 5?) is going to be, it’ll be my next phone. I really hope it has a microSD slot, but if not it’s a small omission compared to the $ I’ll be saving when I switch to a $40-$50 a month plan.

    • Google won’t be adding a micro-SD slot. We all want one, but you need to get that idea out of your head.

      • Google doesn’t want to pay licensing fees to Microsoft for SD cards

    • Ray

      I highly doubt that Google will be adding a MicroSD Slot onto their Nexus device, but don’t let that keep you from dreaming. 🙂

    • harrydevlin

      LOL, Google, like Apple, does not believe in memory card slots. They want everything in the cloud where retrieving it includes serving up advertising.

      • It’s also a security thing. I don’t want my memory to be removable even if I can encrypt it.

      • FuzzyMidget

        ah so you think it’s more secure in the cloud than in your pocket? And possibly in Google’s cloud no less?

      • I use Box and I currently use less than 16gbs (out of 32gb) on my phone. The only reason I’d use more space would be for music but, yeah, I trust Google just fine with my music.

      • I can understand that, but then what about having plenty of flash memory alongside a MicroSD slot? Then you have a choice, at least.

      • Yeah I can see how more cheap addon memory is a total plus but I feel like it’s getting to the point of overkill for a phone. I’m not storing Bluray rips on it.

  • Brian Davidson

    PLEASE make this work for Verizon. I would love to buy my device directly from Google and use it on my network without a contract.

    • like wise, this way i can keep my unlimited data plan 🙂

  • No bigger battery , same camera lens ??? If so I won’t buy it

  • I’m still pleased with my CDMA Galaxy Nexus…. but I’ll jump on a Verizon Nexus 5.

    • I’ll jump on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus once my contract is up. No more $90 a month and waiting forever for official updates.

  • Foo Bar

    What I want is bluetooth LE.

  • Adam McGrath

    LTE for whom, tho? All the networks have some form of LTE band now. Will it be enabled for all of them?

    • Samuel

      If it includes Qualcomm’s RF360, you won’t have to worry about LTE band fragmentation or any cellular network frequency for that matter.
      Hope this chip makes it to the next Nexus.

  • I haven’t heard of any AT&T users who have enabled LTE on a Nexus 4. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have support for the band AT&T uses. It supports Band 4, which is what T-Mobile has.

    I have Tmo LTE on my Nexus 4, as do thousands of others.

    You have to flash CyanogenMod 10.1 and then the .33 radio. I get 30 down/10-12 up in my house. Signal is spotty around Phoenix, but it is growing.

    I would love it if the Nexus got LTE via OTA. I’d revert to stock. I bought the thing to break out of the CM cycle.

    • Barney the Stegasaurus

      AT&T uses band 4 in like one city (I believe it might in Oklahoma or Kansas; the midwest somewhere).

      • Yeah, I clicked the link afterwards and felt pretty dumb. I think my post was more about congratulating myself for having LTE on a Nexus 4. Ha.

  • ajeucown

    Is there a source for this rumor? Is it an anonymous Google employee or just something that somebody made up?

    • Meh

      Someone made it up and Android Community is stupid enough to post it. Oh, SlashGear too.

      Same site, same rumors. Useless “reporting”.

      • Phone_Junkie

        So what does that make you Meh? Stupid enough to read the article?

      • stunxklp8cr3Dwf

        We’re such dumb suckers we even commented, repeat snap 800, 1080p.

      • That along with multiple other sites.. We just beat them all to the punch.

      • stunxklp8cr3Dwf

        Yup they’d be mad not to go 1080p, at least Snapdragon 600, hopefully 800, 1080p has been around for 6 months already, lets get it cheap with easy OS updates. Snap Pro can’t drive 1080p gaming like 800 , it’d run hot and drain the battery too fast.

  • David Penn

    so many phones associated with deserts, trying to remember them all makes me want to eat a phone -_-‘

    • Really? I’ve never heard of a key lime pie/jellybean desert. Doesn’t sound all that hot or dry, really.

  • What is the point of releasing LTE version of same device? Why not something to compete with HTC One and SG4???


    • Dr0me

      they did it with the nexus 7 and nexus 7 + HSPA+

  • So, new nexus 4 starting in june and nexus 5 in november? Unlikely. So, new nexus 4 starting in june and no nexus 5 this year? Unlikely. Guess my bet.

  • RexTalionis

    I don’t know how I feel about an LTE Nexus 4. The battery life on my HSPA+ Nexus 4 is mediocre enough. Running on LTE would probably drain this thing inside of 3 hours.

    • My N4 running LTE is on the charger more often than it isn’t.

  • Meh

    Oh Jesus Christ…

    Really? Seriously?

    These rumors are really getting stupid.

    Do you Android blogs believe EVERYTHING? I didn’t leave iOS for this shit…

  • tonkotsu

    the next nexus better have more storage, better battery life, and universal LTE.

    otherwise don’t even bother

  • That’s really f..up why in the first place they didn’t make 16gb & 32gb with lte from get go Google its something else

  • Brian Parkerson

    Just wondering if maybe this has something to do with Verizon’s upcoming announcement?..ya think?

  • kane

    How about a Nexus 4 that doesn’t break when you sneeze at it

  • LG’s hardware seriously lacks the ability to showcase what’s possible on Google’s Android. Hope Google kicks LG out and brings in HTC or Sony to give the companies a boost.

    Also, whats the source of this?

  • Guest

    Ughhh, please let this not be true. I don’t care at all about LTE, I thought I did until I started using the HSPA+ network on T-Mobile. Since then, I’ve never had a moment where I thought “I wish the internet speed was a bit faster”. You can do better Google. I’d prefer a Nexus with a better camera.

    • Karl Smith

      You have the option of HSPA and of LTE as well http://www.bell.ca/Mobility/Products/LG-Nexus-4 so even better. After all the debate on comments, the rumors were proven to be true.

    • LanceMiller

      You hit the nail on the head. I too could care less about LTE, can anyone say battery drain, when the speeds we get via HSPA is great. The Camera upgrade is a must & I pray that they get rid of the Glass backside, a good quality polymer or carbon-fiber would fine by me.