Not all that long ago, it was discovered that the Nexus 4 did indeed have hidden support for LTE. The catch with that, those looking to enable that LTE connection had to make a few tweaks. Plus, you had to be living in Canada and using either Rogers or Telus. In other words, the vast majority of Nexus 4 users were left out.

And as of today, it looks like we can now add a few additional users to that small list. This latest Nexus 4 LTE hack comes for those in the US. More specifically, for AT&T users in select markets. This will be possible for AT&T users in Athens, Charlotte, Chicago, College Station, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Raleigh and San Juan.

More to the point here, this will be possible if you are in an AT&T area where they utilize band 4. Without going any further into detail on this one, we suspect those willing to change settings on their radio will know band 4 (as opposed to the more commonly used band 17).

Regardless though, the details on how to make the changes have yet to come available. What we can say is that this is coming from xda user checkitonetime who is reporting speeds of up to 29.80 up and 10.75 down. That said, while we have yet to see a how-to write up, there are some screenshots.

[device id=3766]

[via Android Police]