HTC Sense 3.5 Video Leaks

August 29, 2011

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It appears that the same folks who brought you the HTC Sense 3.5 screencaps from a few days ago have now got a video out showing off the newest version of the system in full action. This is a full five minute tour of what they're saying is HTC Sense 3.5 UI, looking not just a whole heck of a lot different from Sense 3.0, the version seen on the newest HTC devices, specifically the HTC Sensation, a rather lovely device if I may say so myself. Transitions have been smoothed out, details have been sharpened, and the whole thing looks just a tiny bit neater - shine and gleam all around.

The largest change you're going to find here is the complete disappearance of the long standing three-button Sense launcher bar normally sitting at the bottom of your display. Instead you'll have a completely separate app drawer and phone keys. There's a brand new ability to add and remove homescreens now, and Widgets have been tweaked as well. Smells nice, doesn't it?

[youtube qW6u1foLc6M]

What we're seeing here is an upgrade to what yours truly considers one of the better out of the box user interfaces delivered by a manufacturer since Android began. Sense 3.0 has treated this team quite well, this upgrade to 3.5 is set to be the buffed-up and much more magical version of a winner. Expect to see this user interface on the HTC Holiday (aka HTC Raider), the HTC Vigor, the HTC Bliss, and maybe even the HTC EVO Design 4G. Be there!

[via TechCrunch]

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  • looks like udder crap. The last thing I want my phone to do is have a bunch of meaningless animations that rape my battery and slow my phone down. Just give me vanilla

    • thomas montano

      True, HTC needs to give us a Vanilla offering with a dual-core processor already. The Sensation (stock) suffers from the above mentioned rape.

      • mark

        Meh, my Inspire 4G’s running a ripped Pyramid ROM, full Sense 3 and 2.3.4 (hooray for VirtuousROM), and it doesn’t seem any slower than Froyo/Sense 2.1 did. And my Inspire’s lesser hardware than the Sensation. But I agree some of these animations look overkill. Not to mention someone with long nails wasn’t the best choice to demo the UI 🙂