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Google opens Nexus One phone support line, (888) 48NEXUS (63987)

It’s been ages (well, a month) since Google's official release of the Nexus One smartphone, and the deluge of N1 issues have lead to another Google initiative, a dedicated phone support line to solve the many dilemmas that Nexus One owners have been troubled with since the N1 launch.

Guide to manually updating the Nexus One

If you’re getting impatient waiting for the major Google update to be forwarded to your Nexus One smartphone, Android Forums have cooked up some directions letting you manually update the Nexus One, finally allowing you to play around with multitouch, Google Goggles, and even possibly getting rid of the 3G issues that have reportedly plagued many N1 units so far.

Android lock screen copied by iPhone app devs

Playing second fiddle at times to iPhone apps, Android apps sometimes get criticized for attempting to imitate features found in already existing iPhone functionalities as well as applications.  This iPhone app reverses that.

Firefox browser coming to Android in February?

Not fond of the stock web browser on your Android-powered device?  We have some good news indeed – the first beta version of Firefox for Android (codename Fennec) may just be launching in February.  Firefox is currently one of the most popular online browsers, and this is both a push toward an increasing level of mobile browsing for Firefox as well as their future plans for the Android platform.

Plen, an Android-controlled android

Plen is a “desktop hobby robot” released by Akazawa (think Japanese hacker whizzes), and has a name derived from the English word “Plain”. But this little android is anything but plain, as it’s a miniature bipedal robot that can be controlled via your Android handset.
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