CNET Asia had a chance to talk with Motorola’s Asia Pacific VP of Mobile Devices Spiro Nikolapoulos and has found out  more about the company’s plans.  Nikolapoulos stated that Moto is expecting to put out between 20 to 30 Android phones in 2010 on the global market.

Spiro also said that not every phone would available in every market, so we’re guessing the actual number will be more somewhat less if you count regional variants like the CLIQ and the DEXT as a single model on the whole.

On launching the MotoRoi, “The MotoRoi will be launched in China, but it’ll be known as a different name because “MotoRoi” is specifically for the Korean market. The device will be delayed for a few weeks due to the recent Google fiasco in China, but the company remains committed to the platform.”