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Root access gained for T-Mobile Xperia Z3, Verizon Xperia Z3v

We’ve talked about Sony’s locked bootloaders recently, and we feel the consumers who can totally relate with that are Sony Xperia device users in the United States. It doesn’t matter what carrier you get it from, it will most likely have a locked bootloader, because life just sucks like that. We kid, of course – it’s just more difficult for US Xperia users, that is a fact. But there just might be good news at the jump.

Samsung Galaxy S6 ‘Iron Man’ version to come out soon

Some are already touting the Samsung Galaxy S6 as the “best phone of 2015”, and there’s good reason behind that. Now it seems like Samsung is confident enough in its flagship device to play around with the marketing of the Samsung Galaxy S6. As soon as this month – or as soon as Samsung ties down the details of the deal with Marvel – an “Iron Man” version of the Galaxy S6 will be coming out.

SlenderMan Origins 3 now out to scare, does job well

If you’ve been a fan of all things Slender Man, then I guess you’ll love this new game too. (We ask, “what kind of people love Slender Man?!?” but we digress.) This new game is a proper update to the Slender Man Origins series of games, and has plenty of enhancements on the features that were found in the previous releases. Ready for this?

Android Tool for Mac allows ADB-like tasks from Mac OS

Nod slowly if you agree with us, that this seems like the oddest of pairs – an Android mobile device and a Mac laptop or desktop. But it happens in the real world, so tools need to be developed for this special partnership between Android and Mac OS. One of the tools available today for such a situation is Android Tool for Mac.

ADB for Chrome is getting a bunch of cool updates

For Android power users and those who like tinkering and tweaking with their mobile device’s operating system, the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is nothing but essential. The downside, there’s hardly any GUI to work with and people need to make sure their command line skillz are on point. That’s where ADB for Chrome enters, providing control and a good interface for ADB users straight from their browsers. A recent update just made the tool that much sweeter.

Humble Mobile Bundle 12 is out, includes Monument Valley [UPDATED]

The guys at Humble Bundle are at it again, and they probably won’t stop doing what they’re doing anytime soon. That is, giving you games on the cheap, taking the money you pay and giving it to charity. It’s a great combination, and it works. This time, the outfit is bring us Humble Mobile Bundle 12, which includes the critically acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley in it.

Special bootloaders from Sony to allow recovery access

If there’s probably just one thing you’d hate about owning a Sony Xperia device, it’s probably the bootloaders that prohibit booting into a recovery partition. Make no mistake about it, Sony Xperia devices are known for their aesthetic and chic minimalist design, and their premium hardware. But tweaking the software to run the custom ROM you want is always a huge headache.

Blood of Calamity RPG has you chasing, battling ancient demons

With all the RPGs around that you can choose from in the Google Play Store – and not all of them very good to begin with – an Android gamer would be pretty wary of new RPGs, thinking that it would just be a waste of time to download and install. So we would hope that this new RPG from Kemco – called “Blood of Calamity” – will be worth our time.

LG wants you to compare G4 to iPhone 6, 6Plus

The LG G4 just launched a few days back, and as expected, people are relatively pleased with it. Among Android flagship phones, it will be competing with the very strong performing Samsung Galaxy S6, its edgy brother the Galaxy S6 Edge, the HTC One M9, and the upcoming Sony Xperia Z4. But in its detail web pages, it seems like LG really wants Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users to compare their screens with the G4, as if the latest iPhones are the real competition.

Lenovo A3900 budget phone now official

There is very little room at the low niches of the smartphone market, a lot of brands are fighting for visibility in a market that is saturated by cheap phones made with cheap materials and poor specs. What stands out, it seems, are the ones who offer significantly more than others in this tier. The Lenovo A3900 is a phone that has recently been made official by the Taiwan-based outfit, and is looking to find buyers in the budget-friendly area.
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