Nostalgia is a money grab these days, and a lot of game outfits and developers are cashing in on gamers in their 30s and 40s wanting to play the classics on their smartphones. The result is predictable – the Google Play Store is replete with old arcade and PC games that have been converted or ported so they can be played on a smartphone. That cash cow will be milked some more with Compton Technology and their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for POGs: The Mobile Game.

POGs – or milk caps – was a popular toy and game in the 90s, which I’m sure those of you who are of the right age will remember. Kids collect the POGs and have one heavy playing disc called a slammer. You play the game by stacking an equal amount of your POG cardboard milk caps, and each player will take turns “slamming” the stacks with their slammer discs. You get to keep the POGs that fly up and land face up. Brings back the memories, doesn’t it?

The POGs mobile game will be built around the same gameplay. Users will play in PvP POG battles, the objective being to slam your opponents into submission. The bonus is, of course, you capture the player’s collection. There will be quite a collectible element to the game as well – players will obviously collect their own POGs, but you can also trade POGs with other players, only this time, you’ll also be able to trade and swap POGs with players from all over the world.

Now Compton Technology is developing an augmented reality (AR) game where the app allows you to scan real world objects to give you an advantage in these battles. Check out the video below for what little detail we have on the AR part of the game.

The video shows that at the very least, players will be able to scan an actual physical POG bottle cap and add it to their in-game collection. If done correctly, this will be a pretty good way to integrate reality into the game, and building your own POG deck even if you don’t regularly battle or you don’t log into the game that often.

Of course, the game will have hundreds of POG designs digitized from the originals, so that’s one way they will probably monetize the game. The Indiegogo campaign just kicked off, and for as low as USD$20.00, you can get early access to the app and some goodies. Check the link below.

SOURCE: Indiegogo