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Amazon “Send to Kindle” button brings the desktop to your Kindle

Amazon's "Send to Kindle" button has become official. It's similar to the "Chrome-to-Phone" app where you can send any website page you're viewing straight to your Kindle device. The button is available on many platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, email, desktop, or even your Android device. Yes, you can send content from your Android device straight to your Kindle Fire, be it a webpage you want to view on a bigger screen, or a document you keep on your mobile.

Nexus 4 now back in stock in the UK

If you're in the UK, and you've been waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to get your hands on Google and LG's Nexus 4, the wait is over. The Google Play store in UK has just updated its listings for the Nexus 4 as "In Stock". You will be able to pick up an 8GB version of the device for 239 pounds, or the 16GB version of the device for 279 pounds. The device will ship in 3-5 days.

LG claims Samsung infringed on its eye-tracking patent

LG and Samsung are looking to go to war not only in the mobile phone marketplace, but in the courtroom as well. LG claims that Samsung has infringed on its eye-tracking patent with its Samsung GALAXY S 4. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 has the "Smart Pause" feature that pauses videos when your eyes aren't looking at your phone's screen. When it detects that your eyes are looking back onto the screen, it will resume playback.

Google Drive allows 3rd party apps to implement realtime features

Google Drive has just released a new API that will allow 3rd party developers to implement realtime Drive features in their apps. The API is called the Google Drive Realtime API, and it handles "network communication, storage, presence, conflict resolution, and other collaborative details" so all you need to do is focus building your own app. It will handle the rest.

NVIDIA reveals Tegra 5 “Logan” and Tegra 6 “Parker” SoC

NVIDIA held an event today at the GPU Technology Conference, and it unveiled a bunch of new features its future Tegra SoCs will have. Many of these features are game changers and will allow mobile devices to do "everything a modern computer should do." NVIDIA's CEO revealed details about the next-gen Tegra processor codenamed Logan (most likely the Tegra 5), as well as the next-next gen Tegra processor codenamed Parker (most likely the Tegra 6).

Reasoning behind HTC One shipment delays

So we've already heard about the reports of the HTC One facing shortages in its Ultrapixel cameras, however that news has been confirmed today by HTC itself. However, not only is HTC facing shortages in its Ultrapixel cameras, the company is also seeing supply shortages in its metal casings as well. HTC has informed many of its resellers, including Best Buy and Vodafone, of the shipping delays and shortages.

YouView Android app set for May release

Controlling your TV straight from your Android device is just about to get a lot easier, at least for YouView owners. YouView is a product that lets you watch both live TV an on-demand content. The YouView box comes with two digital tuners, so you're able to watch one show while simultaneously recording another. The device comes with a 500GB hard drive (with a 1TB hard drive coming in the future) that lets your save all of your favorite shows/movies for later viewing.

HTC CEO to step down if HTC One fails

HTC has a lot riding on its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One. The company believes that this new smartphone will be THE smartphone to get HTC out of its financial rut. HTC's CEO, Peter Chou, has also stated that if the HTC One is not successful, he will step down as CEO. Chou spoke with HTC's senior executives late last year about his decision, and is going all in with the HTC One.

Griffin announces new accessories for Samsung GALAXY S 4

If you're planning on getting Samsung's next flagship smartphone, you're going to need some great accessories to keep it safe. Griffin Technology has just announced its line-up of high-end smartphone accessories made just for the Samsung GALAXY S 4. All of the accessories are from Griffin's most popular case and power collections and are great accessories for any S 4 owner to have in their arsenal.
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