The ASUS Transformer Prime is set to be one awesome quad-core tablet, most likely rocking Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the NVIDIA Tegra 3. Today its been spotted along with its keyboard dock friend showing off its sleek design and aluminum frame. It was recently teased on video and ASUS has also launched an official page for the Prime.

First seen in the wild a few days ago with some ASUS execs at the AsiaD show, today we are getting another look at the hardware posing with its main selling point. That being the keyboard dock that “transforms” it into a powerful notebook machine. You can see the similarities although this time around they’ve gone for a brushed aluminum design and some fancy black chicklet-style keys. Looks a bit like a MacBook if you ask me, but that isn’t a bad thing.

These spy shots of the new tablet and keyboard dock were found on a chinese website but were quickly taken down. Our friends from Notebook Italia were quick enough to save a few for our viewing pleasure. We have a 10″ display as usual along with some audio ports, micro-HDMI and a micro-SD slot as well. While being shown at AsiaD it was also stated that we will get an official announcement and full details on November 9th. We expect to hear some juicy details regarding that new quad-core processor inside and Ice Cream Sandwich so be sure and stay tuned for the full details come November 9th.

[via Notebook Italia]

  • Anonymous

    i want

  • that touch pad looks huge compare to my TF’s. Is it just eh angle of the shot? Can’t wait for these to hit Canada!

  • Rnmmspin

    OK I will start with the positive. I am so buying this it has almost everything one could think of. To me it is just short of amazing.
    OK on with the negative which to me is rather perplexing & disappointing.  According to ASUS Customer Service at Tel: (888) 678-3688:  For the US market the Terminator Prime like its predecessor is not going to have 3G/4G built in. OK with the USB port this can be overcome using a cabled 3G/4G hot spot. I fly almost every week so the less hardware I have to drag along the better. My main purpose for buying this is to leave as much hardware at home as possible including my laptop and just remote in. Please tell me I was just talking to someone reading from a song sheet and they picked up the wrong one.

  • Anonymous

    WHY is everyone down playing this CPU/GPU combo ???
    It’s 16 core not Quad!!! 
    4 CPU’s and 12 GPU’s 

    If you want to down play it at least accurately describe it !!!  SAY Quad core CPU NOT quad core processor because that is not true.