Good news for Acer owners: your Android 4.0 updates are finally starting to trickle out. Early adopters who bought the Iconia Tab A500 when it was one of the only Honeycomb tablets available will feel vindicated that they'll be getting Ice Cream Sandwich very soon. Both the A500 and the smaller A100 will be seeing updates on April 27th (next Friday) in the United States. Canadians get the update on May 3rd (all the better to watch our Galaxy S III liveblog!) and those in Latin America will get updates for the A100 on April 25th and for the A500 on April 27th.

Both Acer tablets use Tegra 2 processors and a full gigabyte of RAM, a combination that's been proven to run Ice Cream Sandwich quite well. The 10-inch A500 has a standard 1280x800 and the 7-inch A100 uses 1024x600, again, both tried and tested resolutions. And judging by the rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich on the Iconia Tab A200, the slightly updated 10-inch model, everything should go smoothly. The newer tablet was updated to Android 4.0 back in February.

There are a few unanswered questions yet: one, Acer's website mentions the updates for Mexico and Brazil separately from Latin America, with only "TBA Mid-April" to go on. And the version number of ICS isn't mentioned either, though since it's listed as "4.0.x" across the board, Acer will probably go with 4.0.3 as they did with the A200. At least you won't need a separate computer to flash the new software - when the time comes, just go to your Settings app and press "About Tablet>System Update>Check Now" to begin the update process. If you're the impatient type, you could always try the leaked version.

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[via Droid-Life]

  • peaceenforcer

    Meanwhile – the A501 ICS leak is available! 

    • eric

      Got my update earlier today 4.0.3 on my A100. Loving it.

      • eric

        Colorado US btw. Forgot to add that.

      • Farkfuel13

        Also in CO and my a500 just updated!

  • Lyn_leo02

    how about in the middle east, when is the update schedule of ICONIA A500

  • Dave34867567

    what about the U.K does not say anything on acer site about the uk will it be rolled out same time as U.S ?

  • Dave34867567

    for the A500 ?

    • Eric Zaba

      They clearly said the same time as the a100 o April 27 in the us. I’m twelve so my a100 which is my first tab and I too have been waiting for I cs

  • Chris Banister

    Heck yeah… been waiting forever… and its coming on my b-day… even better…

    • Nun4u

      I’m stoked about this too…..happy birthday!

  • Jfowler21

    Can’t wait. I may give in and upgrade to the A510 quad core. The more I see it the more I’m ready to make the leap. I love my A500.

  • wel809

    Great news! I have a a500 and really want to see what changes it will have.

  • Ignotus

    Iconia A100 received today the upgrade (4.0.3) in México. It’s awesome!

  • Wonderful!  I can not wait!  Whooo!  Hooo!  I am hoping it is as good as I am antisipating!

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  • Guest

    Today is 28 Apr 9.00 Pm New York City.And Update still nothing!!

    • Joy

      Since update hasn’t force closed. Still a work in pogress. Smile.

  • James Henley

    April 30 and still no update for my A100. Been checking several times a day…

  • Fred4287

    Got the update last week and overly dissappointed! This update has force closed more in the last 5 days than before the update in 5 weeks!

  • Roblearns

    May 3rd – no update for the A100, United States.

  • Kianshin

    no update in Malaysia until today 5-5-2012. too bad

  • Kennywck

    Malaysia don’t update 1st
    Cos if update to ics will keep re-staring

  • Era

    It won’t let me update. Says there’s a “network problem”. Any idea if there’s a different way in updating?

  • jack

    I still haven’t received the latest version I’m still running 3.1.2

  • jack

    please help!!

  • jack

    Is ics available to yet?

  • Guest


  • jack

    10/11/2013 no update wow!!
    “your device is up to date” ??