Android Community Weekly Wrap-Up for November 30, 2013

This was a holiday week for those in the US market, and as we often see, that meant a sort of slow down for news and other announcements. While the week overall was on the slower side in terms of device and update news, there were a few goodies that popped up this week. Notably, Motorola was once again in the limelight with the earlier than expected US release of the Moto G.

Moto G available via Amazon, Koodo

The Moto G has many smartphone customers excited. For those stepping up from a feature phone, the Moto G brings an attractive price point without the need for a contract. It also packs a good enough battery to last the day, and specs that won’t disappoint for those who are just looking for something else.

Niger deletes 1.7 million mobile phone numbers

Niger has deleted 1.7 million mobile phone numbers, according to a report by Reuters. The African country says it is an attempt to improve security, and affects nearly all carriers operating in Niger to a degree. The country has about 5.4 million mobile customers, leaving nearly one third of them without a number.

Omate TrueSmart shipping delays detailed

This isn't unique to the Omate TrueSmart watch, however there were some issues that popped up after the Kickstarter period came to an end. The folks at Omate have made some unpopular announcements in the weeks since the funding has come to a close, notably, about how the watch would not include the Play Store. On the positive side though, despite seeing delays, Omate does seem to be keeping those backers informed of what is going on.
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