Reports suggest that Samsung is pursuing a partnership with Mozilla, hoping to bring Firefox OS together with Tizen. At a recent conference, Samsung’s Chief Secretary Wonsuk Lee, noted that a relationship between the two is possible. Not only is it possible, it’s technically feasible.

Both operating systems are HTML5 based, meaning apps written for one app can be used for the other. That also means mobile apps for Chrome could be pinched, though those are currently not optimized for mobile. Both Tizen and Firefox are currently struggling to gain adoption, and foothold, in a crowded OS market.

While both are said to be used for low-end devices, Tizen is also meant for higher-end offerings. That would give Mozilla an inroad to a market segment they previously hadn’t pursued. Samsung, however, is currently dragging their heels with Tizen devices, delaying release of the handsets often.

Furthermore, when Samsung does bring Tizen out of the closet, they are quick to point out that it’s in the early days of development. The OS doesn’t impress those that have seen it, leading many to consider it unready for release any time soon. Samsung is again touting that the first Tizen devices will be released to the world early next year, but we’ve heard that kind of talk before.

Firefox is already available in some markets, and struggles to find a foothold. A partnership with Tizen would bring a partnership that is strong in name, but perhaps limited in functionality. One is new and finds trouble with making itself useful to a world dominated by android and iOS, while the other is often delayed and yet to be tested. If a partnership does occur, don’t expect much from it initially.