The next round of Kit Kat updates has begun. This time, according to details coming from the @HTCUSA Twitter account, the Android 4.4 rollout has begun for Unlocked and Developer Editions of the HTC One. With the Google Play edition having gotten the Kit Kat update last week, this sort of rounds things out for the special editions.

Those carrying either an Unlocked or Developer Edition HTC One should be on the lookout for an update notification. And furthermore, once that arrives, follow the prompts and begin enjoying the goodies that come along with Kit Kat. Aside from bumping the handset to Android 4.4, this update is also going to boost Sense to v5.5.

Otherwise, looking back to earlier in the month, we saw HTC offer a bit of detail on when some of the US carrier branded models could expect a similar update. HTC didn’t offer details for each and every carrier, however they did say the North American handsets would get Android 4.4 Kit Kat and Sense 5.5 by the “end of January.”

HTC did mention Verizon Wireless specifically though. And in this case, it looks like those users can expect a two-step process with the first update being for compatibility. From that point, it looks like the actual Android OS update will be arriving in December.

Bottom line here, while every model One has yet to be updated, it does appear HTC is making some progress. And if nothing else, they do appear to be keeping users informed thus far.