Instagram has recently shared news about how Thanksgiving has once again proven to be a busy day for them. News along these lines is certainly not going to do anything to help those who think Instagram is all about sharing pictures of your meals. But that aside, the Instagram team has said they “saw record usage as Instagrammers shared a heaping helping of holiday cheer.”

Without offering any specifics in terms of numbers, there was clear mention of how “your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah-related photos and videos helped make yesterday our busiest day on Instagram so far.” We hope to see an update with some figures from the Instagram team, however in the mean time there is the press page available.

That page offers some stats, which includes monthly actives, images shared, daily likes, average photos per day and the percentage of users outside the US. For this we are seeing the following;

  • 150 million monthly actives
  • 60 percent of people are outside the US
  • 16 billion images have been shared
  • 1.2 billion likes daily
  • 55 million average images per day

The catch with these numbers, they make no mention of when they were last updated. We would believe they are updated often, however the question comes down to whether they were updated before, or after the Thanksgiving and Hanukkah mashup of a holiday. And in the meantime, there are still the rumors about Instagram launching a messaging service next month.

SOURCE: Instagram