Angry Birds Friends coming to Android this week

Earlier in the month we learned Rovio Mobile was planning to release Angry Birds Friends for Android. This mobile release will follow the initial availability on Facebook, which had the game sitting with about 15 million monthly active users as of the beginning of April. The good news as of today, we now know that Rovio Mobile will be releasing the Android version of Angry Birds Friends later this week.

Verizon HTC One appears again in leaked code

The brand new flagship HTC One could very well be the best Android smartphone on the planet. Even though Samsung might have something to say about that. While the device has launched across the globe on as many carriers as possible, the big boys at Verizon Wireless passed on it. We've heard conflicting reports on whether they'll carry it or not, but recently more details have leaked worth pointing out.

Android’s Matias Duarte talks Facebook Home

Facebook Home launched in the US on April 12 and then internationally on April 16 and quickly reached the 500,000 download milestone. While the argument can be made that 500,000 still only accounts for a small number of Android users, it is hard to ignore the reviews and average rating. At present that rating is sitting at 2.2.

Player FM app launches for Android with focus on podcast discovery

It looks like Android users now have another podcast listening app to choose from. This latest is called Player FM and it has recently come available in the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 1.0. For those not familiar with Player FM, this is a podcast listening app. The key here, Player FM brings a big focus on discovery and is featuring 300 topics that will help get you started.

GALAXY S 4 metal bumper cases will cover up that cheap plastic

Have you been anxiously waiting to pickup a shiny new GALAXY S 4, but want something to protect the smartphone should you drop it? We know many of you love (and hate) the plastic hardware Samsung has decided to use in nearly all of their devices. While it keeps things lightweight and that battery replaceable, some aren't big fans. Today we have some beautiful aluminum bumper cases for you to check out.

Samsung talks GALAXY S 4 design process

Samsung has recently opened up on the design process behind the recently released GALAXY S 4. The story behind the design comes by way of a Samsung released YouTube video measuring in at a little under four minutes in length. The video kicks off with talk of having decided to go deeper into people's lives and asking the question of how they can change people's lives for the better. Basically, this is Samsung trying to build up some hype.
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