Last week we told all you proud owners of the HTC One that a software update was in the works aiming to fix a slew of things while improving that camera experience. After it initially started a limited rollout to select users across Europe, we can now confirm the same update has hit the UK, and is rolling out to other regions as we speak.

The update you’ll be receiving will bring your international unlocked HTC One to software version 1.29(xx) and along with it comes some pretty good changes to enhance your entire device, but mainly the camera. We’ve been calling it an Ultrapixel enhancement suite, but there’s also some other tweaks and beats audio improvements in there as well.

The Ultrapixel camera will be better especially when you’re using HTC Zoe, and they’ve improved the sound. It also improves noise reduction when you’re doing a slow motion video capture. Over-exposure in non-HDR images was reduced and this improves color reproduction and dynamic range in various conditions. Also if you manually adjust the ISO settings, the correct ISO info will be displayed in the EXIF information.

There’s also something called camera “parameter tuning”, tweaks to Beats Audio to beef up that already stellar sound quality, as well as some location and GPS fixes in there. Sadly we’re still on Android 4.1.2 and you’ll be waiting a little longer for that 4.2 Jelly Bean update. Now we just need this same tweaks for the AT&T and T-Mobile version here in the US. Stay tuned folks.

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