The Samsung TecTile tags are not a terribly expensive item, however it looks like those who are using the tags and also upgrading from a Galaxy S III to a GALAXY S 4 will need to buy some updated tags. Basically, the GALAXY S 4 is not compatible with the currently available NFC TecTile tags. This comes due to the bit about Samsung using a different NFC chipset in the GALAXY S 4.

These updated tags will hit the market as the TecTile 2 and based on a statement from Samsung, they will allow users to “further incorporate NFC into their daily lives and to use with the latest Samsung Mobile products and services, including the GALAXY S 4.” The disappointing news here comes in with the availability. Samsung has said these will be released sometime in the next few weeks.

With that in mind, there is some potential good news for those who have previously been enjoying the convenience of TecTile tags and have already upgraded to a GALAXY S 4. It seems some compatible tags have already been found available online. These new tags have not been seen marked specifically as a TecTile 2, however if you can find tags that are NFC Forum Type 4 you should be in luck.

Basically, GALAXY S 4 users want tags that aren’t labeled as MIFARE. Otherwise, while the GALAXY S 4 does require new tags, it seems that current generation devices will be able to read these new TecTile 2 tags. In fact, Samsung has said TecTile 2 tags will work with “existing Samsung Mobile NFC-enabled Android smartphones currently in market.” Finally, no word on pricing here, however we expect these to be the same as the current line of Samsung branded NFC tags, which is about $15 for 5 tags.

[via AnandTech]