Have you been anxiously waiting to pickup a shiny new GALAXY S 4, but want something to protect the smartphone should you drop it? We know many of you love (and hate) the plastic hardware Samsung has decided to use in nearly all of their devices. While it keeps things lightweight and that battery replaceable, some aren’t big fans. Today we have some beautiful aluminum bumper cases for you to check out.

There’s always a few good things to be found on eBay. Along with complete replacement battery covers that are all aluminum, we wanted to show off these bumper cases today. Since replacing the entire battery door might cause you some issues with that 4G LTE signal we all desire. They come in multiple colors, look well built, and will wrap around the edges and front fascia of your S 4 for ultimate protection.

So, if you like making your smartphone different from the rest, this is certainly a good move considering they are only 10 bucks each. Once Samsung’s GALAXY S 4 hits all carriers and they start selling by the millions – which they will – this should help yours be original, and beautiful. There is a cut-out for all sensors, buttons, charging, and even the IR-blaster. So you’re all set.


The folks from Droid-Life found a few full replacement covers, but we’ve heard they cause some serious issues with your signal, so the bumper cases featured above might be a better approach for your classy protection. As a reminder, the GALAXY S 4 is available today from AT&T and T-Mobile – so get it while it’s hot – then all you on Verizon don’t be too mad as you wait another month for it to arrive May 30th. Check out our GALAXY S 4 review below.

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