Samsung has recently opened up on the design process behind the recently released GALAXY S 4. The story behind the design comes by way of a Samsung released YouTube video measuring in at a little under four minutes in length. The video kicks off with talk of having decided to go deeper into people’s lives and asking the question of how they can change people’s lives for the better. Basically, this is Samsung trying to build up some hype.

The curious part here is how they have one person saying the GALAXY S 4 is “not a radical difference, but more of an evolution” with the very next comment being “like nothing you’ve ever seen before.” Getting past that and we move into some of what we have seen before, such as how the mobile phone is more than something you just get information from, how it has become something that is party of everyday life. Or as Samsung has previously said, it is a “life companion.”

Samsung goes on to talk about how the GALAXY S 4 form factor was “designed with a more rational approach” and about how they were inspired by elements in nature. Anyway, the video continues with some Samsung speaking highly in regards to the GALAXY S 4 and the design process that created it. The video is basically what you would expect, sort of heavy on the hype and ends with the tagline of “for a richer, simpler and fuller life.”

Anyway, while handset promo videos can be interesting to see, perhaps more important is where and when purchases can be made. Well, for those who are interested anyway. In this case, the handset came available with AT&T over the weekend and with T-Mobile this morning. Verizon Wireless also began accepting pre-orders last week. That all being said, those who are looking for a bit more detail on the GALAXY S 4 may benefit from reading our hands-on review.