Google pushes security fixes for Wallet, Google+, and Authenticator

A few weeks back, a Google Wallet vulnerability was found making both rooted and untampered devices with the application vulnerable to hackers. The crack exposed the PIN within seconds, and was since temporarily patched by Google. This patch disabled the use of prepaid cards, and since then we hadn't heard much on the subject. Google is pushing three security fixes today that not only allow for prepaid card usage with Wallet, but offer core system fixes.

Samsung Galaxy Beam to hit UK this summer

If you hadn't already checked out the Samsung Galaxy Beam, it is Samsung's first device that combines a pico projector into an Android smartphone. Though a mid-range device, it is sure to turn some heads. We've just found out that it should hit the UK this July for £385 ($600). It will initially launch unlocked, but we should see it show up on a few carriers to allow subsidized purchases.

Samsung to produce flexible AMOLED displays in 2012

We had known that Samsung would be producing flexible AMOLED displays in the future, but had no idea on a definite timeframe. Samsung Mobile Display has just confirmed that they will start mass production of flexible screens this year. More specifically, the first set of screens should start production in the second to third quarter, where the second production line will commence second quarter of 2013.

Google posts Ice Cream Sandwich stencils for app developers and designers

One of Android 4.0's less-publicized but no less appreciated features is its focus on a refined interface, and Google'staking that to heart by making parts of it required for access to the Android Market. Those restrictions are for manufacturers, not developers, but a good dev always strives to make his or her app seamlessly fit in with the target OS. To that end, the Android Developers team has released a new set of digital stencils for app developers. T Hey can use this series of buttons, icons, shapes, colors and gradients to make their apps seamlessly flow with Ice Cream Sandwich.

Snapdragon Krait plays four 720p videos at the same time: hands-on

We got a preview of Qualcomm's upcoming quad-core Snapdragon earlier in an official video, but being the sneaky and distrustful jerks that we are, we couldn't believe it. So when we passed by Qualcomm's booth at Mobile World Congress, we made a beeline for the Krait  demonstration. Lo and behold, the prophecy had been fulfilled: four 720p videos, running concurrently on four cores, off of a mobile processor. The results were so pants-wettingly impressive that we had to whip out a camera and document it right then and there.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0 coming in May, pre-orders start tomorrow

If you loved the original Parrot AR Drone but couldn't afford hundreds of dollars to spend on a flying remote-control quadcopter, here's hoping you've been saving your pennies for the last year. The second iteration of the smartphone-controlled Drone has been confirmed for a May release. Even better, you can reserve your very own starting tomorrow, March 1st. Brookstone has the exclusive pre-order page, so check their website tomorrow if you're interested.

Watch Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s MWC keynote speech here

Do you like Android? Want a look at the future of Android, and Google's mobile strategy in general? Got about an hour and change in spare time? The sit back and watch Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt wax philosophical on the current state of mobile technology around the world, and where it's going. Schmidt addressed Mobile World Congress at the pleasure of the GSMA yesterday as the keynote speaker, and while there wasn't any earth-shattering reveal, it's still worth your time if you want to delve deeper int Google's motivations and goals for the platform.

Dolphin Browser adds Sonar voice control

The best third-party browser for Android just got a little better. Taking a cue from Ice Cream Sandwich itself, the latest Dolphin Browser update adds a host of voice control features all rolled into a system called Sonar. Far from just translating your voice into text (which you could already do by combining the standard Android keyboard with any text field) Sonar adds browser-specific commands to its interface, allowing for more precise touch-free control. You can download the latest version of Dolphin Browser HD for free in the Android Market.

Google Music celebrates leap year with 29 albums for $2.99 each

It doesn't take much for the folks behind Google Music to throw a party. Just a couple of weeks after their romantically-themed Valentine's Day sale, they've put on a promotion so special it only comes around one year in four - lucky for us that Google Music is less than a year old. The Leap Year sale starts today, February 29th, and may or may not end today, too. Take your pick of 29 different popular albums for the low price of $2.99 each.

Samsung releases version 2.0 of S-Pen SDK

Just in time to prepare your apps for the Galaxy Note 10.1, Samsung has released the first major revision to its stylus SDK to developers. The S-Pen Software Development Kit 2.0 expands on the tools first released even before the original Samsung Galaxy Note, allowing for various enhancements to pen input accuracy and new APIs for third-party applications to take advantage of. You can download the updated SDK at Samsung's Innovator developer hub.
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