We had known that Samsung would be producing flexible AMOLED displays in the future, but had no idea on a definite timeframe. Samsung Mobile Display has just confirmed that they will start mass production of flexible screens this year. More specifically, the first set of screens should start production in the second to third quarter, where the second production line will commence second quarter of 2013.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll see these displays hit store shelves in 2012, that will require a bit more information from SMB. In all honesty, when these flexible displays hit the market – it could mark the end of cracked screens (for at least Samsung). Seeing as Google is trying to do away with capacitive buttons and encourage a completely touchscreen experience with Android 4.0, it may suit these flexible devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S are both equipped with contour displays, so Samsung has been dabbling in this area for quite some time. When it’s finally released it will surely be the center of attention. It entirely depends on how flexible they end up, but it would be amazing to take a 10.1 inch display and roll it up like a magazine. It’s really hard to tell how far off we are from concepts like that, as new tech seems to be gaining momentum every year.

[via SlashGear]