If you hadn’t already checked out the Samsung Galaxy Beam, it is Samsung’s first device that combines a pico projector into an Android smartphone. Though a mid-range device, it is sure to turn some heads. We’ve just found out that it should hit the UK this July for £385 ($600). It will initially launch unlocked, but we should see it show up on a few carriers to allow subsidized purchases.

As for specs, the Galaxy Beam’s lamp offers 15 lumens of brightness; this is actually low when compared to practically any other projector out there, but hey – this one’s built into your smartphone. It is also said to last 20,000 hours, so unless you plan on using it all day every day for the next 2.3 years it should be fine. The Beam ships with a 4″ TFT display, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), a 5MP rear shooter, and 1GHz dual-core processor.

This is definitely not a Galaxy S II performance-wise, but at least the projector will set it apart from the rest. To aid the extreme battery consumption of the it, Samsung included a 2000mAh battery. This should be sufficient to allow a quick projection here and there while still lasting you throughout the day. We’ll put it to the test for sure when we get one in to review, but until then check out our hands-on from MWC!

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