Got a Galaxy S II? Get Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit for free

I'll be honest: there's not a lot of good reasons to open up Samsung's custom App Store, an included "bloatware" app that's been showing up on all its devices for months. But there may just be a good reason now: Samsung is giving away copies of EA's racing game Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, normally $6.99 in the Android Market, for free, nuthin and gratis. According to SammyHub you'll need a Galaxy S II to take advantage of the deal.

Aussie judge calls Apple a monopoly in Samsung Galaxy Tab case

Australia is a beachhead for Apple's worldwide crusade against Android in general, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in particular. Apple's lawyers scored a major victory earlier this year when a sales ban injunction was granted, essentially making Samsung's tablet illegal to sell in the entire country. Naturally Samsung appealed the case, and at least one of the three appeals judges seems to be sympathetic, labeling Apple's iPad market share as a monopoly.

Infinity Blade developer snubs Android over piracy concerns

There's a lot of high-profile games either out or coming soon for Android, but even the staunchest Android evangelist (this guy!) would have trouble denying that the gaming market on iOS is more robust at the moment. The current posterboy for iOS graphics is Chair Entertainment's Infinity Blade, a hack-and slash action game with some undeniably incredible visuals. When asked when they'd bring the series to the even more popular Android platform, the devs cited fears of piracy as a reason not to create ports.

ZTE’s Vivacity lands on T-Mobile in the UK

We got a glimpse at the ZTE "T-Mobile" Vivacity early this month, and lo and behold, it's arrived on the UK branch of everyone's favorite magenta-tinted carrier. The mid-range Gingerbread phone is available now from T-Mobile for a £10 monthly charge, or £99 on a contract-free plan. The device loses its manufacturer branding, like many OEM phones on T-Mobile.

Dreamcast favorite ChuChu Rocket comes to Android

Ah, the Sega Dreamcast. A little grey box with a lot of memories. One of the very first titles to appear on Sega's underdog gaming system was ChuChu Rocket, a puzzle game from the makers of Sonic the Hedgehog. iOS gamers have been playing it for over a year, but Sega's done the right thing and brought ChuChu Rocket to the Android Market.

Original Asus Eee Pad Transformer gets an early ICS port

The fancy new Transformer Prime gets all the attention at the moment, and rightly so. But if you're hanging on to your original Asus Eee Pad Transformer, or picking up a cheap one in a sweet Black Friday deal, you might want to have a look at this. The Transformer is joining the swelling ranks of phones and tablets with an early version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, made possible by the recently released open-source code.

Sharp AQUOS SH-01D smartphone heads to Japan, US later

Android loving smartphone shoppers can get hands on the new Sharp AQUOS SH-01D smartphone before you know it. The smartphone will come to NTT Docomo first in Japan on December 2 according to the carrier. The phone has some really nice features with one of the more uncommon being that the smartphone is waterproof.