Are you QWERTY lovers feeling left out of the superphone game as of late? Well if you’re on Verizon or intend to go there soon, you may have reason to to celebrate in a couple of weeks. According to yet another internal Verizon leak, the fourth generation of the original Motorola Droid is due Thursday, December 8th online and in retail stores. The device keeps the slider functionality of the primary DROID line, but throws in some more recent Motorola styling and Verizon LTE.

So far, the rumored and absolutely unconfirmed DROID 4 specs include a 4-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display that’s essentially a slightly smaller version of the one found on the DROID RAZR. The phone clearly shares the tapered lines found on its skinny sibling, as well as the ones spotted on the XOOM 2/XYBOARD. The keyboard remains at five rows with backlighting. ICS will have to wait, as the DROID 4 will release with Gingerbread. Processor, RAM and on-board storage are question marks at this point.

Those waiting for that other Verizon phone will no doubt note that December 8th is the latest in a long line of rumored release dates for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus’ Verizon LTE version. There’s still no official word on either phone, so we’ll simply have to wait to see if these rumors pan out. The track record so far has not been promising.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. It is really sad that Motorola is not offering 720p displays this generation It’s really put them behind the competition. I would not buy any of these phones.

  2. Looks good.  My Droid 2’s keyboard decided to stop working with gingerbread so I was wary of the Droid 3. so I bought the Razr and am loving it, however I’m not a huge fan of using the screen to type, so this Droid 4 with 4G looks really good. I’m also guessing like the other Droids in the past you can replace the battery with an extended one, since 4G sucks the life out of your phone like a vampire at a blood bank. so that’s a huge plus for this phone.


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