Paul O’Brien has whipped up a custom kernel for some of our international Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners that will now support keyboard, USB drive, and mouse bluetooth peripheral devices. The kernel is modded, but still very much based on the stock kernel source with a few of the dev’s “touches” here and there.

Be sure to only install this if your Galaxy Nexus is running the I9250XXKK1 / ITL41D ROM. And for now, the installation is not quite as easy as a .zip flash, so read up within the thread for specific instructions – they’re all there. Don’t expect overclocking or anything extraordinary this early in the game, as the device is still just hitting store shelves (and hasn’t even made it to the U.S. yet).

Whether this will work when the LTE version of the Galaxy Nexus appears on Verizon I do not know, but by then I’m sure we’ll have an updated kernel and even a few ROM’s floating around. For the access to the download, click here. And as always – read through the thread if you have any questions. It would be terrible to brick a precious Galaxy Nexus!

[via XDA Developers]

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