ASUS Padfone Accused of Xerox by AlwaysInnovating

The group AlwaysInnovating is a bit peeved with ASUS's new phone/tablet combo. AlwaysInnovating is a company based out of San Francisco who seems to have a knack for coming up with cool ideas that don't take off until someone else copies them. The "All-in-One Smart Book" clearly came first, having a youtube video demo over a half a year old, but there was no mention of copyright infringement, so we'll have to see how this shapes out.

Battle Bears -1 for Xperia PLAY Review

Behold the next chapter in our review series of the games currently exclusive to (or otherwise optimized for) the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, aka the PlayStation phone. What this game "Battle Bears -1" consists of is you controlling an upright-standing cartoon 3D bear from a 3rd person over-the-shoulder perspective as he collects weapons and cuts down, blasts, or otherwise destroys the rest of the characters in the game. You'll be using all your fingers for this one.

HTC PLAY to be HTC’s Newest App Store Effort – Social Networking, Sales, Storage

It appears that HTC has had a bit of a leak in the form of a trademark filing for a so-called "HTC PLAY." This name is set to be attached to a store that will be working with mobile content (aka at least Android, maybe Windows Phone 7,) in more area than one. It'll be an app sales location, it'll be a place where you can store and organize your content, you'll be able to grab multiple kinds of media (games, apps, music, images, data,) and HTC PLAY will be addressing not only mobile devices but computers too (computers here we're assuming means desktop/laptop hardware.) This make sense since the line is being more and more blurred on the daily.

Leaked AT&T Roadmap Reveals HTC ChaCha, HTC Hydra

It appears that the folks over at AT&T have leaked (or have had leaked from underneath them,) a roadmap which reveals details on specs as well as release dates for several code-named devices, at least a couple of which will be (or would have been) running Android. The first is a colorful customer we've gotten to know fairly well in other parts of the world, that being the HTC ChaCha - aka a QUERTY keyboard-toting 480x320 resolution portrait-mode phone with a physical Facebook button.

Samsung Hints at Lowering Galaxy Tab Prices Lower than $199 [10.1 and 8.9 too?]

In an interview given with the Wall Street Journal today (May 30, 2011,) JK Shin, head of Samsung Mobile Communications, hinted at several important points, the most immediately important of which being that although they'd very recently reduced the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (original 7-inch) to $199 - and that the "company would be willing to lower prices further in order to gain more share." This comes amid news that Samsung did indeed have "plans to deepen its relationship with Google Inc. by depending on the U.S. company's Android mobile device software to run future versions of its tablets."

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro Runs BlueStacks [Android Virtualization]

Well what do you know, it appears that ViewSonic has beaten Dell to the punch and will be the first Windows 7 tablet manufacturer to run BlueStacks on a tablet. What the heck is BlueStacks, you might ask? Why, it's Android on Windows PCs! What it essentially represents is a virtualization of Android on whatever Windows machine you happen to have BlueStacks running on. Before we continue here, have a look at the article we've got up on the BlueStacks subject so you can fully understand the significance of this lovely situation.

911HTC aka 911Sniper is Down for Everyone (Not Just Me)

Woaaah is me, and whoa is everyone else, because our favorite location for HTC ROMs ninja'ed from who knows where, 911HTC aka 911SnIpEr aka is down for the count. We've had a longstanding post count expanding by the day here on Android Community coming from the fellow named 911SnIpEr, from the HTC ThunderBolt System Dump and RUU – Leaked and Gigantic post to the brand new HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa Leak Final Software Builds. This appears to have come to a crashing halt over the past 24 hours or so as the site is indeed Down for Everyone.

Google pulls Yong Zhang game emulator apps from Android Market, suspends dev account

If you are a fan of emulator apps on your Android device Google has taken a heavy hand to the apps recently. You might recognize the emulators Nesoid, Snesoid, N64oid, and Gameboid developed by Yong Zhang with the account name Yongzh. Apparently, Google has axed that developer account and pulled all of the emulators from the Android Market. We don’t know right now what prompted the emulators to get pulled.

Notion Ink Adam sales open again; Honeycomb on June 27

Still keen to pick up a Notion Ink Adam? It's been a while since the first batch of Android slates went out, and Notion Ink has just thrown open the doors for a new round of orders. Meanwhile, Eden 1.5 - Notion Ink's UI and multitasking system - is going out to existing owners later today. It'll also include new apps, though exact details won't be revealed until the new firmware is released. Apparently Honeycomb will follow on come June 27, complete with hardware acceleration. If you want to place an order you'll first have to subscribe to Notion Ink's list, here; the company is sending out ordering invites now. Of course, the Android tablet landscape has changed plenty since we first saw Adam, and it's no longer the first Tegra 2 slate around.

Linaro and Samsung partner for Origen board with Samsung Galaxy S II chipset for devs

Open source developers need hardware to test the offering on and Linaro and Samsung have partnered to deliver a high-end solution to developer needs. The new device is called the Origen development board and the coolest thing about the little board is that it uses the same powerful Samsung Exynos 4210 chipset that you find inside the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone. That chipset has a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor.
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