Well what do you know, it appears that ViewSonic has beaten Dell to the punch and will be the first Windows 7 tablet manufacturer to run BlueStacks on a tablet. What the heck is BlueStacks, you might ask? Why, it’s Android on Windows PCs! What it essentially represents is a virtualization of Android on whatever Windows machine you happen to have BlueStacks running on. Before we continue here, have a look at the article we’ve got up on the BlueStacks subject so you can fully understand the significance of this lovely situation.

Above: ViewPad 10s, Paving the way for PRO at MWC

Next have a look at the article popping up the day after that initial explanation article of BlueStacks, namely an announcement that Dell would be releasing a 10 inch Android tablet, but perhaps one that was Windows with Android running virtually. BlueStacks, we whispered, BlueStacks indeed. This situation is, if you ask us, much more significant than a dual-OS tablet in that instead of having to choose between one or the other, you’ve got Windows with all your Android apps running inside.

The less-than-exciting element here is that this ViewSonic device will not have Android Market support. But you know as well as I do that with markets like Amazon’s Appstore ramping up, such a thing will be of little concern in the future – right? For more information on the Amazon Appstore, head over to our Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore post! Then note that BlueStacks achieves its goal of running Android on Windows 7 by using a virtualized Android 2.2 Froyo build to its advantage.

ViewSonic ViewPad 10Pro currently has no launch date, but BlueStacks has noted that IT will be hitting retail “soon” and has tipped that a Q3 launch for products running its system is in the works.

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