SPB Mobile Shell [3D UI] for Android [Hands-On]

Last week at Mobile World Congress 2011 we were treated to quite the show by a developer/designer for SPB Software. The product he displayed for us was SPB Mobile Shell, a bit of software that'd up until this point only been available for Windows Phone (who clearly did not appreciate it.) What we've got here is a full brand new 3D engine with what they're calling "Natural Interactions," which to us means it's simply intuitive. This is an engine made to replace your current mobile homescreen with a miraculously gorgeous looking set of 3D moving panels, with which widgets can essentially come alive. You know what it reminds us of? Honeycomb.

Motorola XOOM Unlocked for Flashing by TheFredElement

First of all, we must do the customary compliment on the username. There clearly isn't much better an element than the Fred element. Then, let's have at it- unlocking the Motorola XOOM like we said you could, truthfully quite the easy task. They didn't make this machine to stop you from doing so, but doing so will VOID your warranty. Keep that in mind. Another good thing to keep in mind is that the following method will ERASE your tablet.

Sprint updates us on a few issues in the Epic 4G 2.2 Upgrade

For those of you who have been anxiously, and patiently waiting for the Android 2.2 FroYo update for all the Samsung Galaxy S devices. The last few weeks have finally been good to you. Although we all can agree it took way, way to long. Time has came and you all can now upgrade to Android 2.2 Sprint has just released the update to the Samsung Epic 4G back on the 21st, update EB13 to Android 2.2.1 and we have heard a few people were having issues. Today Sprint has updated everyone on there official forum about what was going on and how to fix these small issues.

Twitter Official App on Android Updated to Include Fullscreen Maps

Very recently Twitter released their Version 2.0 of this official tweeting machine for Android. This was a magically delicious update with essentially a complete overhaul of their user interface, resulting in us giving them a very good review. Between then and now, Twitter also put a stopper in a couple of 3rd party apps aimed at bringing tweets to users including UberTwitter and Twidroyd. Between THEN and now, they've both been reinstated, and Twitter's official app has been upgraded to better than ever.

Get the Faster, more stable Firefox 4 Beta in the Android Market now

Get the latest and greatest Firefox 4 Beta for Android. Mozilla has been hard at work making the mobile version of their highly popular Firefox Browser ready for prime time on mobile phones. The latest beta 4 released yesterday has many changes and performance enhancements. This release was also primarily focused on continuing to improve stability and performance.

Verizon to no longer require data plan with Xoom purchase

Verizon originally was going to require customers that would like to buy the Motorola Xoom to also purchase a data plan. You could order the Xoom and sign up for a data plan and then cancel after the first month for those that want to use it for Wifi only. That required a 1 month $20 payment as well as paying for the $35 dollar activation fee. Today Verizon has came out and changed that.

Motorola Mobility Invests into Catch Media

Want to watch movies, listen to music, & download digital content all right from your Android device anywhere you go. Hopefully soon you can with Motorola. Motorola Mobility, through its strategic investment arm Motorola Mobility Ventures, today announced a strategic investment in Catch Media Inc., the award-winning provider of a patented licensed digital rights locker platform called: Play Anywhere®.

Huge Collection of Wallpapers and Docks for your Android Phone

Over at XDA we are always finding good things. Today I've found a Wallpaper and Launcher Dock Gallery full of good wallpapers. If your like us and enjoy changing your wallpaper, or the look of your dock often then this will definitely be for you. XDA member modelstudent has been collecting all the good high quality wallpapers, and docks he can find. He has been kind enough to load them all into one Gallery and upload it to Dropbox for all of us to enjoy. Stop over at his thread to download all of them now, and don't forget to Thank him.
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