The number of Trojans and malware aimed at the Android mobile platform is growing every day. The only way to be sure that your device is protected is to install some sort of security software on the device. Kaspersky has announced that its Mobile Security 9 platform is now available for the Android platform.

The Android offering lacks a few of the features that the Windows Mobile and Symbian versions offer like encryption and parental controls, but it keeps most of the other features. The Android version supports anti-theft features to track the device down and remotely wipe the phone.

The software offers antivirus protection, firewall, and privacy protection on Android as well. Mobile filtering is featured to allow the user to block spam text messages and unwanted phone calls on all platforms. The software will protect from the recently reported Android Trojan in the wild and more. The software is subscription based and costs $29.95 per license and Android 1.6 to 2.2 is supported.

[via eWeek