We all are familiar by now with T-Mobiles pretty Brunette girl right? Carly is her name. She is the pretty face behind T-Mobile and all their ads of late. Just like T-Mobile slaps iPhone 4 on Verizon video, and many others. Looks like this time around they have changed things up. They’ve went from making fun of Apple, to AT&T, & Verizon, but now they are bringing Tech Bloggers into the mix.

In this particular Ad T-Mobile is featuring the Samsung Vibrant 4G. Boasting claims of it being the “ultimate” in entertainment as well as the fastest phone around or on any network. Where we get tossed into things is when T-Mobile brings in a guy that “blogs about these things” to inspect and confirm the high claims of the Vibrant 4G. Although many may not know what a Blogger should look like. I’m sure you’d see plenty looking just like the one from the video all over the place at CES and other events. He sure sounds like one with his casual talk like “meh, yea YouTube is fast.” The Vibrant 4G also comes pre-loaded with Inception so you can start enjoying that ultimate entertainment and dreaming up your own ideas right away.

[via SlashGear]