Sprint Samsung Epic 4G TV Commercial: Or Is It Halo?

Have you seen this Halo commercial? Or wait, maybe it is a Droid commercial from Verizon? Well those are both wrong, It is the Sprint commercial for the Samsung Epic 4G. Is Sprint feeling the heat from the Droid style commercials from Verizon? Maybe they are just trying to fool the gamer crowd into watching the whole thing, just to only realize it isn't a commercial for the latest Halo.

Rockchip Next Gen Android Chip That Supports 2.1

Rockchip is launching it's next generation chip for Android. The RK2818 chip will be powering select phones and mid range tablets. The three-core processor includes 660MHZ ARM, DSP, and GPU. The chip should allow for really good 720 HD video performance, and make Flash and HTML 5 video run with ease. It has an integrated 3G module to allow connectivity for TD-SCDMA, WCDMA, CDMA2000 EVDO.

LG E720 Android Handset Leaked

Well look what we have here, its an LG Android equipped handset that looks similar to the Galaxy S, on a smaller scale. Packed below it's 3.2 inch capacitive display, is a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, and a 5 megapixel camera on back. It will be running 2.2 and have some sort of new UI that we have apparently not seen before.

Froyo For Samsung’s Galaxy S Could Be Here Soon

We know, there have been whisperings of 2.2 coming to the Galaxy S phones in the early fall, and now we have a screen shot that could bring some truth to that. It's only a screen shot, but surely this is an early build that is being tested.

KT Identity Tab Has Been Announced

No, this isn't the Galaxy Tab here everyone. The Korean carrier KT has announced their own 7 inch tablet, called the Identity Tab. The tablet will be powered by the ever so popular 1GHz processor, have 8GB of internal storage and the really cool thing is it has a DMB TV Tuner built in.

O2 Dell Streak getting Android 2.1 from September 1st

UK carrier O2 has confirmed that the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update will begin rolling out from September 1st, meaning owners of the tablet could be playing (officially) with Eclair as soon as Wednesday this week.  The release is a stop-gap to tide the Streak over until Android 2.2 Froyo is released later in 2010. There's no word from AT&T or Dell in the US as to when they'll be releasing the Android update for US buyers of the Streak, who will still be stuck with Android 1.6, though various leaked builds of Android 2.1 are already in the wild if you're unwilling to wait. [via Really Mobile Project]

Droid X Has A Custom Rom, And Where Is The Google Voice Widget?

Motorola said that it can't be done, the Droid X is on lock down and no custom ROMS will be loaded. Well, it looks like we are seeing something different here. The Sapphire AOSP 2.2 ROM has been loaded and spied running on a Droid X, and if you would like more details on the ROM head on over to the Sapphire site, here.

Samsung Ships One Million Galaxy S Devices in the U.S. Market

Samsung has announced, that they have shipped one million Android 2.1 Galaxy S devices, since the starting date of July 15th. These are very impressive numbers for the short amount of time that the Series of phones have been available. One of the main reasons that the devices have been such a success, is the availability of the devices on multiple carriers.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Spotted in Israel

Seems like the Galaxy Tab has been showing up all kinds of places lately, along with the accessories. Here, a pre-release version was spotted in Israel, this morning. It was said that the device was running 2.2 with a slightly upgraded user interface. You can obviously see the sticker on the device that says CDMA, which gives credence that the device, will most likely be available on Verizon or Sprint's network.
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