The infamous Gorilla Glass is supposed to be some of the strongest glass for electronic devices, and is very hard to scratch or break. Most of us are still paranoid that we are going to scratch our precious devices, and we use all kinds of cases and screen protectors. If you are one of those people that are really worried about scratching your device that has a Gorilla Glass screen, you might want to watch this video below. The video is in the Korean language but there is no need to translate on this one, just keep watching to be amazed.

As you will see, if you were to put one of these Galaxy S phones in your pocket or purse with your standard everyday items, it should not get any scratches on the screen. It also appears that it can handle a little bit of the everyday drop that normally occurs, like falling out of your lap or slipping out of your hand. Of course if you try hard to abuse it, you can make it happen.

We always cringe when we see people do this to a device, but are very glad that someone is taking the risk, to show us what kind of abuse that the phone will take. When it come to our phones, we are going to try and take the best care of them that we can, they cost to much and we would not want to have to pay that full retail price to replace them.!

[via YouTube user dacithehappymaker]