Seems like the Galaxy Tab has been showing up all kinds of places lately, along with the accessories. Here, a pre-release version was spotted in Israel, this morning. It was said that the device was running 2.2 with a slightly upgraded user interface. You can obviously see the sticker on the device that says CDMA, which gives credence that the device, will most likely be available on Verizon or Sprint’s network.

Supposedly the device is very snappy, and is running Flash without any issues. Calls of some sort were made on the device, but were not specified if they were over 3G or Wi-Fi. The GPS was operating well, despite the issues that some of the Galaxy S phones have had in the recent past. The user stated that they were really excited about the device and claim that “it’s a true iPad competitor”.

However, we are going to hold back, on making our official thoughts on the tablet until we have one in our hands to use and interact with. So in the mean time, watch the videos, stare at the pics, maybe even go play with a Galaxy S phone in the store to prolong your excitement. We sure will.

[via SlashGear and via Gadgety]