Nokia N900 samples Android 2.2

It's still being determined which and when Android devices will receive Froyo. The Nokia N900 has been hacked so now its users can receive the Android 2.2 (Froyo). It's not the full thing just a sample of the Froyo for the "hackers choice" phone, reported by Android Central, it isn't exactly a very polished built however with missing key functionallity.

Official Android app released by IMDB

Those who enjoy movie trivia and movie buffs are recommended to get the IMDB Android application. This app is written for phones with Android 1.6 or higher, it provides access to over 1.5 million movies and tv shows as well as over 3 million actors/actresses, directors, etc. This wonderful app comes with more good news, it holds 7 languages, English (US/UK), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian and Japanese.

Google’s Gingerbread Details Leak: 1GHz Processor Minimum

Even with the launch of Froyo right around the corner for many devices out there ("right around the corner" is a relative term), those who follow Android enough know that the next build of the Google mobile Operating System is already in the works within the Android team. Codenamed "Gingerbread," as soon as the masses learned about it, the questions already began. And while we know that the User Interface is going to get an overhaul, there were still plenty of questions left unanswered. Well, things are starting to clear up.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 update boosts performance

The first of Sony Ericsson's promised firmware updates for the XPERIA X10 has been released, and while it doesn't bring Android 2.1 along, it's still worth upgrading.  According to the Sony Ericsson blog, the new firmware boosts the X10's overall performance together with tweaking the camera UI, introduces a new settings backup app and, in certain markets, installs PlayNow with premium apps and games.
"This update focuses on improving the general performance, speed and responsiveness of Xperia X10. For example, there are speed improvements in messaging tasks and camera UI. In addition we add a free back up and restore application so you’ll never lose your settings and information. In selected markets, PlayNow with premium apps and games will also be added."
As for Android 2.1, that's not expected to arrive until later this quarter; Sony Ericsson haven't attached a definitive timescale.  Today's update will roll out over the coming weeks; however you may be able to download it manually from; we checked for the UK but couldn't find anything newer at the moment. [via Unofficial Sony Ericsson blog]

Samsung Fascinate First Images Appear

When the Samsung Fascinate was announced, along with the Epic 4G and Vibrant, it was the only one of the devices not to have a picture associated with it. And, while we agree that that was kind of ridiculous, we can safely say that the wait was worth it. Thanks to the guys over at Phonescooper, we've got our first image of the Samsung Fascinate.

Sony Erricson X10 Mini Pro to be stocked by Vodafone

Already found in several countries is the X10 Mini, now a newer QWERTY-enabled version of the Android phone is due to arrive. Vodafone will be stocking the Sony Erricson the thicker newer version. Its "Coming Soon" page has a featured entry for the X10 Mini Pro which allows those to register for the Mini Pro when Vodafone is prepared to release the phone.

Sony Ericsson xperia X10 and Mini Pro confirmed to be offered by Rogers

Rogers, a Canadian wireless provider has let information about the second coming of the Ericsson xperia 10 and Mini Pro slip out again. Twice has Rodgers accidentally let information about these two phones be leaked. Official information about this has yet to be announced, but the mess-ups by Rodgers means it's probably pretty close.

Pantech A630K Android powered phone designed for women

Not very many mobile phones are designed especially for women, but the A630K, Pantech's second Android powered phone. The "Crystal de Izar" if you take a look at the bottom, a crystal design can be seen that lights up in different colors. Obviously the design has pushed it for women to use, even though Pantech never announced they were trying to do that.

Sprint puts hault on EVO OTA after problems arise

With fixes to wifi and battery life, things were looking good for the EVO 4G. But then it started bricking phones across the country, besides the original issues from the rooted device, customers with the phone have flooded tip lines with problems. One problem is the software is attempting to install itself twice, so basically install over itself.
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