The first of Sony Ericsson’s promised firmware updates for the XPERIA X10 has been released, and while it doesn’t bring Android 2.1 along, it’s still worth upgrading.  According to the Sony Ericsson blog, the new firmware boosts the X10’s overall performance together with tweaking the camera UI, introduces a new settings backup app and, in certain markets, installs PlayNow with premium apps and games.

“This update focuses on improving the general performance, speed and responsiveness of Xperia X10. For example, there are speed improvements in messaging tasks and camera UI. In addition we add a free back up and restore application so you’ll never lose your settings and information. In selected markets, PlayNow with premium apps and games will also be added.”

As for Android 2.1, that’s not expected to arrive until later this quarter; Sony Ericsson haven’t attached a definitive timescale.  Today’s update will roll out over the coming weeks; however you may be able to download it manually from; we checked for the UK but couldn’t find anything newer at the moment.

[via Unofficial Sony Ericsson blog]