Motorola Droid 2 will have to comes later than we expected at Verizon. Rather on July 19th, Droid 2 will be launch on August 23rd along side Android 2.2. Although, the current Droid 2 was Android 2.1 but Motorola seems trying to push Android 2.2 to make an advancement to their phone. Android 2.2 is roughly available in late July for the original Droid, and is expected to launch for the Droid X at the end of August.

Motorola Droid 2 and Droid X will have almost the same hardware which is 1 GHz processor. The difference that they both will have mostly in size of the screen because Droid 2 screen is only 3.7-inch. Also, the cameras are different: The Droid 2 only has a five-megapixel camera, but the Droid X has an eight-megapixel one.

[via Electronista]