Verizon has comes up with the newest commercial called Towers. Although, this commercial is a whole new twist by Verizon. The focus of this commercial seems really clear and straight forward. They are talking about the connection of Verizon Wireless. Verizon change their logo and slogan (Rule The Air) in the end of the commercial.

However, this commercial doesn’t seems to be only for Droid X to appeared because in the last section of the commercial a man is walking to his car, and he slides a landscape slider closed. The belief is that this is the Droid 2. There’s no way for us to confirm this, especially with the camera angle, but we can dream. The main problem about this commercial is that Verizon did not directly indicate what kind of phone that they are promoting. They seems to focused only about their wireless connection. Overall this commercial seems okay. The Droid X makes an appearance, but the commercial’s obviously about Ruling the Air.

Droid X looks marvelous in this commercial. When the girl pulled it out of her pocket, the camera directly pointed to this gigantic screen phone. The size of the screen is 4.3-inch which enough for me to watch my YouTube video anytime.

[via DroidLife]