Samsung Galaxy S: Benchmark Galore

Before we get to the good stuff, I would like to point out the “with Google” branding on the back of the device. In the beginning Google said this branding was just for vanilla Android devices. It seems as though they’ve changed their tone not only as far as the Google Phone Store is involved but support for handsets with custom UI’s. Now to the business at hand, the Galaxy S has been benchmarked using various different tools and it performed extremely well.

Is The HTC EVO 4G Plagued With Storage Problems?

Over the past couple of days there have been numerous reports from various sources that says the HTC EVO 4G has a problem with the included 8GB SD card. The problem happens randomly and a reboot is a temporary remedy. For seemingly no reason at all the phone doesn’t recognize the card and therefore could stop the handset from functioning like it normally does.

Motorola XT502 Greco Headed to AT&T?

There has been many Android devices rumored to be heading to AT&T but so far not many have actually landed on the carrier yet. Here’s another device with AT&T compatible bands that could see light on the carrier very soon. The Motorola XT502 aka Greco has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG with tri-band UMTS (850 / 1900 / 2100 MHz).

A 10-inch Tegra 2-powered Android tablet by MSI

This little beauty goes by the name, WindPad 110. It is a 10-inch Tegra 2 Android powered tablet manufactured by MSI. It runs Android 2.1 and hopefully it will make it to the market soon. But for various reason devices powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processors seem to get delayed for various reason so there might be a bit of a wait for this to be released.

Huawei Pulse for T-Mobile Hungary Gets Upgraded to Android 2.1

While the rest of the world sits in anticipation for the official roll-out of Android 2.2, there's still plenty of handsets out there that aren't rocking the goodness that is Android 2.1. A real shame, we know, but a truth that we have to accept in this day-and-age. And, perhaps oddly, we are all focused on the superphones out there, or other "high-end" devices. But what about entry-level pieces of hardware? Like the Huawei manufactured T-Mobile Pulse? Well, thanks to T-Mobile Hungary, those owners are about to be very, very happy.

Samsung Behold II is Getting Android 1.6

Samsung came under fire the last couple of days because of their Behold II handset, which launched on T-Mobile USA a few months back. When it did launch, it did so with Android 1.5, and as you're probably more than aware, that put the handset at a big disadvantage as the months rolled by, and Google released applications that could only be utilized with the 1.6 version. And, of course, then came Android 2.x.

Motorola Droid 2 & Shadow Appear in Verizon Inventory Systems

Both the Droid 2 and Shadow from Motorola have managed to ease on through almost every single leg of the mobile phone race. First the FCC, then some Bluetooth SIG certificates, and the Shadow even managed to get some concept artwork rendered. It all boiled over to the Motorola Shadow being shown off in a quick snapshot, after it was found in a gym. And now, before we have an official announcement from Motorola, we've got both pieces of hardware showing up in Verizon Wireless inventory. At least, the model numbers, anyway.

HTC EVO 4G Gets Android 2.2 Thanks to Developers

There's got to be something said about the developers out there, and how serious they take the Android platform. It's a beautiful thing, if you ask us. It should be no surprise to anyone out there that the EVO 4G, manufactured by HTC and heading to Sprint here in under a week, is already getting some Android 2.2 goodness, despite the fact neither the upgraded Operating System, nor the handset it's being featured on here in this article, are officially released to the public. But, sure enough, the developers do what they want, and the rest of us get to reap the rewards of their hard work.
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