Both the Droid 2 and Shadow from Motorola have managed to ease on through almost every single leg of the mobile phone race. First the FCC, then some Bluetooth SIG certificates, and the Shadow even managed to get some concept artwork rendered. It all boiled over to the Motorola Shadow being shown off in a quick snapshot, after it was found in a gym. And now, before we have an official announcement from Motorola, we’ve got both pieces of hardware showing up in Verizon Wireless inventory. At least, the model numbers, anyway.

The tipsters, which are covert Ninja working as Verizon Wireless employees, managed to snag a picture of not only the Motorola Droid 2’s inventory screen, but also the one responsible for the Motorola Shadow. Now, there’s no other information to go on here, like prices or distribution dates, but we know these are the model numbers for both devices, and sure enough, if they’re appearing in inventory systems, we know they’re coming soon. Are these the two Motorola Droid devices the Wall Street Journal was talking about, about to be launched in July? We certainly hope so.

[via Droid-Life (Droid 2); via Droid-Life (Shadow)]