While the rest of the world sits in anticipation for the official roll-out of Android 2.2, there’s still plenty of handsets out there that aren’t rocking the goodness that is Android 2.1. A real shame, we know, but a truth that we have to accept in this day-and-age. And, perhaps oddly, we are all focused on the superphones out there, or other “high-end” devices. But what about entry-level pieces of hardware? Like the Huawei manufactured T-Mobile Pulse? Well, thanks to T-Mobile Hungary, those owners are about to be very, very happy.

There was a lot of Internet chatter sprouting around from T-Mobile Hungary customers, informing everyone else that the update was ready for download via T-Mobile’s website. And, sure enough, it’s right there, ready for anyone’s downloading and upgrading pleasure. And, indeed, it does bring Android 2.1 to the Pulse. Good news for them indeed.

[via EuroDroid; Thanks, Gary!]