Over the past couple of days there have been numerous reports from various sources that says the HTC EVO 4G has a problem with the included 8GB SD card. The problem happens randomly and a reboot is a temporary remedy. For seemingly no reason at all the phone doesn’t recognize the card and therefore could stop the handset from functioning like it normally does.

Here are some apps that rely on the SD card and start failing unpredictably:

* The camera app starts complaining that it can’t save pictures due to bad permissions, specifically: “Unable to save file to SD card due to insufficient file permissions”.
* TuneWiki, a music app, goes crazy and almost freezes the phone while trying to play the playlist that is loaded into its memory but failing at accessing the card.
* The gallery app sees no pictures.
* The ASTRO app shows a mix of empty and unavailable dirs in a state I’d never seen before.

This isn’t an isolated incident either, there have been many different users experiencing the exact same thing. The problem is not likely the card itself, different cards was placed into the device and after a period of time the same results are seen. Most people think this is a software issue that can be fixed with an OTA update.

Odds are Google and Sprint will have this fixed before it is launched on June 4th. This may just be a problem for those lucky people that got their hands on one of the handsets that were passed out at the I/O. whatever the cause is this needs to be taken care of fast before the release day or it could turn into an ugly scene at Sprint stores.

[via androidpolice]