Firefox browser coming to Android in February?

Not fond of the stock web browser on your Android-powered device?  We have some good news indeed – the first beta version of Firefox for Android (codename Fennec) may just be launching in February.  Firefox is currently one of the most popular online browsers, and this is both a push toward an increasing level of mobile browsing for Firefox as well as their future plans for the Android platform.

Motorola confirm Google-phone in works: next Nexus?

Motorola have confirmed that they are working with Google on a Google-branded smartphone.  Speaking during their quarterly results call, Motorola chief executive Sanjay Jha described the company's plans as creating a "direct to consumer device with Google" in the manner of the existing Google Nexus One. Jha gave no further details about the upcoming device, though we've previously heard rumors that a Motorola smartphone codenamed Shadow might be the next Nexus handset; the Google Nexus Two as it were.  Motorola took to the stage with Google at the first Nexus device's launch, despite having no hardware partnership to announce. As for Motorola's performance this past quarter, they shifted 12m handsets of which 2m were apparently smartphones. [via Electronista]

Is This The Motorola Zeppelin?

This is one of the most rumored Motorola phones to date. The initial rumors stated that it will have a 3.7" WVGA display, 5 megapixel camera, 720p HD video, and 550 MHz processor. Which turned out not to be completely true but that’s how some rumors turn out right? Since then reports have been circulating that Motorola has indeed verified that this phone is coming and here is the real picture of it.

TweetCaster for Android hits Market

Twitter clients on Android are one of the areas that still need work, so we're always happy to see new competition.  TweetCaster is promising to be faster and more fully-featured than anything else, and has dropped into the Android Market today. All the usual functionality you'd expect is onboard, including photo support, URL shortening, profile views, threaded conversations, favorites and DM/replies.  You can also have multiple Twitter accounts active simultaneously, something missing from a lot of clients we see. There's a free version (with banner ads) and a Pro paid-version for $4.99 up for grabs.  We've been testing out a pre-release beta version of TweetCaster for the past week or so; expect our review up later on today.

Nexus One Desktop Dock Is Now Available

You read the title right, it’s now available for purchase. Might I add I am about to order mines now. This dock is available for purchase directly from Google just like the Nexus One was and still is.

Get 2.1 Genie Widgets on your 2.0 or 1.6 Device

Among all of the new awesome additions of Android 2.1 is the genie widgets and the 3D gallery. Now you can enjoy both on you 2.0 phones and you can even run the Genie widgets on your 1.6 donut device. All you have to do is scan the QR Code and enjoy. More after the break.

FM Radio Built Into the Cliq

Although I am a proud Nexus One owner I also love my Cliq. When I first got it I was looking for ways to hack it and in my search I found out that there was a FM Radio lying dormant inside the Moto Cliq. I also found out that there was an awesome Android hacker/modder by the name of Eugene373 that was able to get it to tune but nothing would play. That has all changed now.

Sweet Dreams: Android Pillow

Our favorite mascot has made his way into the bedding market. Take that Serta. Now you can head over to and pick up your very own Android Pillow.

ColorWare Nexus One: custom paintjobs for $175

The sober gray color scheme Google chose for their Nexus One isn't exactly eye-catching, which is a shame given the smartphone has the potential for far greater things.  Perennial painters ColorWare are now offering their customization skills for the Nexus One, meaning you can turn the dreary grey into various glossy or soft-touch hues. The frame, back panel, bottom section and camera surround can all be tweaked with a variety of metallic, solid or pearl tones to choose from, and you can be as tasteful or as tacky as you want.  Pricing is either $175 if you're content to send in your Nexus One, or ColorWare will buy the handset for you and paint it for $800. [via BGR]
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