Although I am a proud Nexus One owner I also love my Cliq. When I first got it I was looking for ways to hack it and in my search I found out that there was a FM Radio lying dormant inside the Moto Cliq. I also found out that there was an awesome Android hacker/modder by the name of Eugene373 that was able to get it to tune but nothing would play. That has all changed now.

By taking a few files from an LG Android dump he is now able to get FM Radio working on the Moto Cliq. This is a great addition to the phone and only boosts its feature list even more. Currently he is still working on releasing this in a ROM, it will not work on the stock OS. Judging from his pasts work I would say that it’s a good chance that we will have this on our Cliq’s real soon. Motorola should’ve had this working at release; it brings to mind the wireless N in the Nexus One that isn’t turned on yet.

[via androidguys]