HTC Hero video promo [Updated]

We don't know where it's from, and we don't know who made it, but a promo video for the HTC Hero has shown up online.  Demonstrating a gloss-red Hero seemingly running the new "Rosie" GUI, the video shows the phone going online, accessing the Android market and generally flaunting its OS capabilities. The "Rosie" homescreen, with its distinctive new clock and control bar along the bottom of the screen, makes several appearances.  The multiple homescreen pages, plus widgets like music control, are also shown, before the video demonstrated mapping and motion-sensitive controls. Finally, there are a full seven HTC Hero devices, each in glossy candy-colors: pale green, pink, yellow, red, black, turquoise and white.  Anybody know any more about the origins of the video? Update: The original video was taken down; here's a copy: [vms 49da13542e0726b7bb75] [Thanks Jiri!]

Android 1.5 Cupcake rolling out 4 realz guys

We're getting reports that American G1 owners are getting the Android 1.5 update for their devices. The update will bring numerous improvements, UI updates, new widgets, an onscreen keyboard and all the other goodness that those of you who have taken the initiative already know about. We'll see if our G1 has had the update pushed down to it yet, and let us know if your G1 gets it yet in the comments. While you're waiting, you can also go vote for your favorite Android Community MVP so they can win an HTC Magic with Cupcake already installed on it. Oooh. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in, and Engadget Mobile]

Android Community MVP Vote!

We had you nominate your picks for the Android Community Most Valuable Poster. The winner will receive a limited edition HTC Magic from Google I/O. The device also comes with a month of service from T-Mobile, but the phone itself is unlocked for any carrier (aka T-Mo or AT&T in the U.S). Now we're down to the three top nominations. They are: DrVeronica, Susan and JohnnyLicious. So here's the deal, since all three had overwhelming support from the community, we're having final vote for the top MVP of Android Community. All three of these members garnished some incredible support because of their efforts in the community, and they're all fantastic contributors and members of AC, but we only have one phone to give away. Head on over to the comment section in the forums and vote in the poll!

Android OS 2.0 Donut video demo from Google IO 2009

Google demonstrated some of the features they've been working on for Android OS 2.0 Donut while at I/O 2009, and we've got video from the keynote to show you those changes in action.  One of the biggest differences to 1.5 Cupcake is "Android Search", which is the catch-all name for the platform's new universal searching that queries contacts, calendars, music and online information. In addition, Donut brings with it intelligent search, with the Android phone learning common searches and offering them up in future queries.  OS 2.0 also allows for simple addition of third-party content to standard searches with just a few line of XML code. Google also demonstrated an update to their voice-control system, present on OS 1.5 Cupcake, which introduces their new text-to-speech API.  A generally available translation app - which currently only shows text translations - was modified with the new API to read out translation results. Finally, the video shows the new handwriting gestures which can be used to quickly filter out contacts or move through tracklistings in the media player.  Let us know what you think in the comments! [vms 9c1d0e3b9ccc3ab651bc] [gallery id="3482"]

18 Android devices on market by end of 2009 says Google

With at least eighteen Android devices expected to be on the market by the end of 2009, Google's Andy Rubin has been explaining the three levels of platform adoption open to handset manufacturers and carriers.  While Android remains free to use and OEMs are not even required to tell Google about their implementation - that figure of eighteen phones are only those the company knows about - there are degrees of flexibility in how some of the platform's flagship apps can be deployed. The most basic implementation is obligation-free, with manufacturers at liberty to install Android on as many devices as they please.  However they may not distribute GMail, Google Calendar or any of the other so-called "popular Google applications".  Next comes an implementation with strings attached, in which manufacturers sign a distribution agreement with Google and are thus permitted to include their apps.  Finally comes what the search giant refers to as The Google Experience, with Google branding on the handset, full installs of the Google apps and unrestricted access to the Android Market. Of the handsets Rubin is aware of hitting the market by the end of this year, 12-14 fall into the second category and 5-6 into the third.  Rubin expects US carriers to take longer to introduce Android devices, as they attempt to customize the platform; he declined to confirm which manufacturers Google know to be creating Android handsets.

Spotify streaming music mobile demo for Android [Video]

Spotify, who provide a free music streaming service, have demonstrated their new mobile client on the T-Mobile G1.  The new Android app - which is yet to be released - allows tracks to be synchronized with the handset for offline playback, meaning that even without WiFi or cellular data music can be played back. The app also supports on-device searches and custom playlists, with straightforward access to the company's huge catalog of tracks.  It's also synchronized with their existing desktop app, meaning you can search for and add a track on the desktop and have it sync for offline playback on the cellphone. As a desktop Spotify user, this is just what I've been waiting for.  The company has previously said that they'd be requiring mobile users to sign up for their premium service (which cuts out the adverts that intermittently pop up for free account holders) and frankly this looks well worth it.  No word on when we could expect to see a release; they're promising more details at Google I/O. [youtube][/youtube]

Samsung Galaxy gets hands-on

Samsung's first Android device (and the first non-HTC Android device) got previewed by Their impressions are definitely positive, especially of the beautiful 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen with an ambient light sensor to control the screen brightness. Samsung has been pushing to expand their AMOLED portfolio, and I'm thrilled to see them releasing an Android device with the high quality display. The shape of the phone reminds them of the soon to be released HTC Magic, with a large display, and the controls below the screen, though the Galaxy is a bit thinner than the HTC phones. The Galaxy uses a D-Pad and an "OK" button instead of a trackball. There is another button on the left part of the D-Pad with an arrow on it, which is the like MENU button found on HTC Android phones. There is a small button on the right side that has no markings, and simply acts as the Home button for the phone. ] I would check out the review and hit up the link for more pictures. [Via Phone Arena

Google IO 2009 HTC Android phone unboxing video and pics

I had a quick chat with Vic Gundotra prior to this morning’s Google IO 2009 keynote and he said to me there is many-many surprise at this year’s developer’s convention.  It never occurred to me that one of those surprises included an Android-phone by HTC (also known as the HTC Magic).  This version of the HTC Magic has T-Mobile’s 3G band, unlocked capable of being a world phone!  Also included with this limited edition Google IO 2009 Android phone is a 30-day T-Mobile SIM card with data and minutes for you to use – free of charge! The Google IO Android phone is black with light blue accent on the edges and Google IO Developer Conference on the back.  You'll also be greeted with the same logo when turning the phone on.  Yes it's all true, all members of the press and conference attendees get one – no questions ask.  How awesome is that? We’ve already reviewed the HTC Magic for Android Community here; so make sure to check out the detailed review by Chris Davies. Vic Gundotra introducing GD2 and the Google IO 2009 HTC Android-phone [vms 35da0b6f6ea37bcf8bcb] Unboxing Google IO 2009 HTC Android-phone [vms 7100777c7190b76d2823] [gallery]

Android at Goolge I/O [Updated]

Vincent is live at Google I/O right now, and he's bringing us some great news on the history of Android and hopefully some new news on where it's headed. We have some facts and figures about Android: If you can't read the picture (really?) we have Android on 10 carriers in 12 countries, with 4,900 applications, and each user downloaded 40+ applications per device. It is #2 in the U.S. mobile web browsing stats, and there's some more news coming. New features include handwriting recognition, and we have what looks like the new Samsung device on stage. We're going to bring you updates as the come, and also video! Update: It seems that Google's Android 2.0 "Donut" will also have Text-to-Speech functions as well as Universal search. Update 2: Check out the video demo of the new features here. [gallery]
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