Congratulations to Fritz269, baolongnt and peted20! These users have been selected as the winners of our Google I/O Developers’ Conference contest! Each will receive one registration code to register to attend the Google I/O contest in San Francisco, CA. They were picked because their favorite Android memory and their reasons for going to the conference stood out from the others.

baolongnt’s entry:

I was out and about with the family all morning long and we had a great lunch outside as the weather was real nice and sunny. As we started to head back, my toddler son started to show some signs of fatigue. My wife and I were hoping that he would be able to calm we drove home but he started to fuss and a big tantrum was about erupt. I feared the worse since we still had at least another half hour to drive before we get home. That’s when I remembered that my G1 had YouTube! I quickly pull my phone out and did a search for train videos. I handed over the G1 to my son and he started to calm down. He was really happy and I was amazed how easily he picked up how to use the touch screen and navigate from videos to videos.

As a K-9 developer, I would love to go to Google IO to learn the Android best and latest tricks to then share them with the community in your favorite open-source Android email client.

Fritz269’s entry:

I was out at the beach a few weeks back and my girlfriend started to have an Asthma attack. Her being stubborn, she refused to go to the hospital so I had to pull out my G1 to get some info on how to treat her until we could get to a pharmacy for an inhaler. I found out that honey placed under the nose was a good home remedy so I raced to a local liquor store and bought a jar of honey which actually helped. Then I used Google maps to find the nearest pharmacy where we got her an inhaler. I credit it to helping me get through an emergency.

Peted20’s entry:

My most memorable Android experience has been seeing my own code run on my handset.

It was a small GPS app and it was pretty sweet to know the phone was grabbing location from a constellation of GPS satellites and that I could capture the location and do whatever I felt like with it– for example, displaying my location on top of any of the terabytes of satellite imagery provided by Google, anywhere in the world.

The combination of GPS enabled handsets, 3G data links, satellite imagery and geographical data is a pretty powerful combination and something I think we’ll see a lot of in the coming years. Android, of course, is very well positioned for this use.

My second most memorable experience was this past week as I traveled from Seattle to the Oregon Coast. My ADP1 was my lifeline while I was out! I was able to: listen to MP3s while I drove, track my trip (for later review in Google Earth), get driving directions, and browse online travel guides to figure out new places to check out. I even got a little Google Reader and Facebook in to stay connected. It was also pretty interesting to pull up Wikitude, point the camera in a direction, and see new places to check out.

I’d love to attend Google IO as I’m embarking creating on a new Android-based app. There are many Android and Google Maps API sessions which would give me a great start!

Congratulations again to the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered. I wish we could give each of you the chance to attend, but you should check back here on Android Community for updates as we’ll be bringing you the latest news from Google!