Samsung’s first Android device (and the first non-HTC Android device) got previewed by Their impressions are definitely positive, especially of the beautiful 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED touchscreen with an ambient light sensor to control the screen brightness. Samsung has been pushing to expand their AMOLED portfolio, and I’m thrilled to see them releasing an Android device with the high quality display. The shape of the phone reminds them of the soon to be released HTC Magic, with a large display, and the controls below the screen, though the Galaxy is a bit thinner than the HTC phones. The Galaxy uses a D-Pad and an “OK” button instead of a trackball. There is another button on the left part of the D-Pad with an arrow on it, which is the like MENU button found on HTC Android phones. There is a small button on the right side that has no markings, and simply acts as the Home button for the phone.


I would check out the review and hit up the link for more pictures.

[Via Phone Arena