So we’re all waiting for 5G to get here, and it’s going to take a bit of time to do that, but people and companies are moving in that direction. So what do you do if you want gigabit download speeds now when 4G LTE – without additional parameters – will only allow you a maximum of 50Mbps downlink? Well, ZTE has found a way to add a few parameters to get its experimental ZTE Gigabit Phone to breach that gigabit download speed.

The ZTE Gigabit Phone utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset – probably with permission to use from Samsung, and only for a very few units – with the vaunted Qualcomm X16 LTE modem, which is really designed to get to gigabit speeds with a little technological push. First up, you get higher order modulation of 256 QAM, then incorporate 4×4 MIMO, and then Carrier Aggregation.

Of course, this device is not meant to be distributed, because the parameters need to be perfect to get those speeds. ZTE is just showing you that 5G is just around the corner, and you can start having dreams of 1Gbps download speeds to stream those 4K videos at acceptable framerates.

You can check out the ZTE Gigabit Phone at ZTE’s booth as the MWC 2017 is running this week, and start imagining how we will be doing things in the future with 1 Gbps as a standard for everyone – if you like 360° panoramic VR videos streamed, have instant access to cloud storage files, ultra Hi-Fi music and high definition movies, and apps that reside in the cloud, with no need to download and install. Oh 5G, get here already.