Earlier this month, we heard a new dual-screen smartphone is in the works. Known as the ZTE Axon Multy, the device is said to be exclusive for AT&T. The idea of a dual-screen phone is relatively new but there is now a small demand for such. We’ve seen the YotaPhone 3 and the HiSense A2 Pro yesterday but we have yet to see one with a truly foldable or bendable display.

We’re looking forward to a foldable device with a dual screen and while waiting for Samsung, here’s ZTE with the Axon M. We’re not sure about the Multy or Axon M name but we’re quite interested in this innovation. Android Authority has shared this exclusive information and said this ZTE dual screen phone could be a game-changer. We believe that ZTE could introduce a new product that others will follow since it’s one of the biggest phone suppliers in China and the US today.

The foldable dual screen will be very much different from a modular phone. It will be in its own unique form, giving consumers the option to use a bendable display. The ZTE Axon M is said to be announced on October 17 with a foldable 6.8-inch display with 1920 x 2160 pixel resolution. We’re imagining this will look more like a tablet when opened and a smaller smartphone when folded.

We’ll see in the coming weeks if the ZTE Axon Multy or Axon M will be ahead of the game and let you know soon.

VIA: Android Authority