We saw news of YouTube live stream support coming to the Chromecast back in early-April. But at the time that support was a bit limited. And more to the point — it did not include support for streams coming from mobile devices, which really meant that Android users weren’t able to send YouTube live streams to their Chromecast.

Well, flash forward till the present day and it looks like Google has made an official announcement. Coming by way of the Google Chrome page on Google+; “YouTube live streams are #NowCasting.” And to clarify — this does include casting from a mobile device. Aside from casting from a YouTube live stream — the process is a familiar one for current Chromecast users.

All you need to do is browse to any live event on YouTube and press the cast button within the app. Once the button has been pressed the video will be sent to the Chromecast, which is likely attached to a bigger screen that is able to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. To get you started, Google suggested a few live streams in the +Chrome post.

  • Have a personal concert with Adam Levine during the AMEX EveryDay Live with Maroon 5 on 6/20: youtube.com/user/AmericanExpress/UNSTAGED
  • Dance your heart out while nobody‚Äôs watching all night with the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) on June 20-22: youtube.com/insomniac
  • Catch up on soccer action by casting Adidas – The Dugout Live from Rio on June 27, June 28, July 3 and July 12: youtube.com/adidasfootballtv
  • Get your surfing fix with the ASP World Tour on July 10 from South Africa and July 27 from Huntington Beach: youtube.com/user/ASPWorldTour

Little by little, Chromecast support is coming available on a wide variety of apps (and in this case, variety of streams). We’ve recently seen support added by Redbox Instant as well as Aereo. There was also news about how VLC for Android was planning to add Chromecast support sometime in the not to distant future.

SOURCE: +Chrome