Aereo, the popular cord-cutters option for accessing live TV, is now available on Chromecast. The company announced their service was coming for Chromecast earlier in the year, and has activated the streaming capability in their app. Now users can watch live TV on any device, anywhere.

The rapidly expanding service has been a headache for legacy cable providers. The service doesn’t ask that you keep a cable subscription, only that you subscribe through them. For as low as $8/month, you can watch live network TV right from your Android device.

Of course, Aereo isn’t available everywhere, and may not carry all the channels you want. Even in major markets like New York, the options are fairly limited. For those not wanting to pay a ton for basic cable, though, Aereo is popular.
Aereo also offers DVR storage on both their $8/month and $12/month options, with as much as 60 hours of cloud storage, so you’ll likely never miss a favorite show.

If you’re interested, and live in an Aereo market, give it a shot. Chromecast is fast becoming a workaround for legacy TV, depending on your geographical location. The additoin of Aereo will only help to cement it’s place behind your TV.